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Admission Policy

Admission policy will be based on the following criteria

  • A prospective parent will be advised to obtain the school application form.
  • Previous grades and achievement test scores of applicant will be requested for before admission.
  • A placement test will be conducted twice for a new session. Pupils who miss the exam dates will be rescheduled to a later date for available spaces.
  • Suitability of applicants to fit into the school integrated system will be considered before admission.
  • Application forms must be completed and submitted before placement test date.
  • Successful candidates in all areas of assessment will be enrolled.
  • Pupils that are deficient in Arabic, Quran and other areas of assessment will be admitted, but special intensive conversion programme will be arranged for them. Alternatively, they could be assigned into available group that can suitably accommodate their learning needs.


At HHHFS, pupils are assessed in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains on a number of times and at certain intervals using a variety of assessment techniques such as tests, projects, assignment, presentations, practical etc. This is used to assess a wide range of attainment.



Prompt payment of school fees helps put the school in strong financial footing to discharge her responsibilities and obligations. School fees from parents constitute a large percentage of the funds available to the school. Apart from new intakes that are expected to make full payment upon resumption, returning pupils may be granted flexible payment plan as mutually agreed on by the parents and the school.

As a policy, we do not accept any cash payment from parents and guardians, However, the following modes of payment are acceptable.

First step

Visit our school during an Open House.

Second step

Submit an application along with the appropriate fee.

Third step

Schedule a tour with the Admissions Department.