We develop in all our learners, the core values of faith, sincerity, integrity, discipline, high achievement, self-confidence and problem solving skills.

Our history

Established in the year 2018, HHHFS has since grown by leaps and bounds to the glory of Allah. The school currently operates two sections, Nursery and Primary in a serene learning environment with full compliments of learning support facilities. The success recorded so far can be largely attributed the untiring efforts of our dedicated team of educators. The unique brand of our integrated learning approach, which rightly balances secular education with Qur’an memorization, other core Islamic subjects and etiquette has endeared us to most parents. The quality of learning experience enjoyed by our learners has been widely applauded by parents and other stakeholders.


Hayatul Hikmah wal Hisaab – The life of wisdom and accountability.

The good life (Hayatul Hasanah) of a Muslim is built around his/her obedience to Allah and His messenger. Here, we strive to make our learners ever conscious of Allah and their obligations.

We encourage learners to take responsibility for their learning, their actions and inactions. Self-accountability and ownership of responsibility are integral values we demand from our learners.

Wisdom (Hikma) is one of the best possessionsof a Muslim. At HHHFS, we encourage our learners to have good sense of judgment and insight, to be thinkers and problem solvers in their respective areas of endeavours.

These are the values we uphold, cherish and instill in our learners at HHHFS.


  • Adoption of robust integrated curriculum.
  • Bilingual mode of instruction and communication (Arabic and English).
  • Places premium on Qur’an memorization.
  • Provision of right learning support facilities.
  • Highly qualified and efficient team of educators.
  • Affordable and highly competitive fees.


To develop in all our learners, the core values of faith, sincerity, integrity, discipline, high achievement, self-confidence and problem-solving skills.


To metamorphose Islamic values from that of cultural importance into practical way of life, and to positively contribute to the educational and economic development of local communities through the provision of accessible and affordable quality education.


To become a leading provider of affordable education through the adoption of robust integrated curriculum that effectively integrate memorization of Noble Qur’an, right Islamic values and western education which combines e-learning with face-to-face instruction.


We believe that pursuing knowledge is a continuous process which a Muslim child needs to undergo to develop holistically, know Allah and worship Him, imbibe right Islamic values and etiquettes, sustain and spread the message of Islam, satisfy his/her intellectual curiosity; as well as develop relevant skills that will enable him/her navigate the challenges of 21st century while holding firm to their Islamic identity.